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    Meridian Pest Management
    We don’t build service routes, we build relationships!
As much fun as it is tackling complex pest problem the real joy comes from helping, and serving people and that’s the foundation that we’ve built Meridian Pest Management on. We’ll protect your home or business from the most intrusive pests with a service that focuses on your unique needs.


1. Inspection

The potential of a pest management program working relies on the initial inspection. Our trained technicians know exactly what to look for so even the smallest clues do not go unnoticed. By properly evaluating historical pest activity, structural conditions and geographical locations our certified pest techs will accurately identify the pest, know their behavioral patterns and spot any structural deficiencies.

2. Strategize

With the knowledge from the initial inspection we know have the ability to create a solution. Each problem poses a unique threat. We use innovative techniques and look at the problem from all angles which allow us to get full coverage and control as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once we create your pest protection plan it is time to take action!

3. Action

We now combine a thorough inspection with an innovative strategy to deploy the mandatory steps to take back control! Since we practice integrated pest management we only use sprays indoors when absolutely necessary allowing us to keep your family, customers and workers as safe as possible. Our action plan consists of key ingredients for the perfect strategy.

4. Monitor

Okay we have covered all of our bases and it’s time to track our results. We take a proactive approach when monitoring. Our technicians will inspect, analyze and adjust accordingly. We will check each individual station, refill them with bait if necessary and move them to adapt to new behavioral patterns. All other finding will be recorded and communicated to the client.


Pest management is crucial to the success of your organization. We offer exclusive pest management and prevention programs that protect the health, property and reputations of commercial businesses.

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We’ve dealt with many pest control companies and Meridian Pest Management is by far the most reliable and reasonable. You can tell they really take pride in their work. We’ve never seen people so excited about bugs! Any time our clients need pest control we know who to call!

Nilesh Shah - Mehta Insurance Agency

We moved into Smithville last year. We love the area but one thing we do not approve of are the mosquitoes! We called Meridian and they were out the next day. Whatever they sprayed worked like magic! We’d recommend them to anyone!

Ilene Hernandez - Smithville, New Jersey


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